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Spotify Keeps Pausing? 8 Easy Steps to Fix

Spotify is one of the in-vogue music streaming services. But it irritates you when this app keeps on pausing playback on Android, iPhone, or Windows 10. In this article, we’ll cover 8 easy ways to fix Spotify Keeps Pausing to get you out of the trouble while listening to music.

Why does Spotify Keeps Pausing:

1. First Steps to Fix Spotify Pausing

Below some simple steps are given if you’re facing pauses while listening to Spotify on your mobile device:

  1. Try removing the temporary data. Turn off your phone for 15 or so seconds before switching it back on.
  2. Then disable low power mode because low power mode can result in interference with your Spotify stream. Go to “Battery Options” and choose “Settings”. After that switch off “Low Power Mode.”
  3. Disable data saver mode too. A reduction in the amount of data Spotify uses can cause pausing issues. So, go to “Settings” and then “Data Saver” and turn it off.
  4. Download the music to your device for uninterrupted listening in the area where cellular coverage is low.

2. Sign Out of all Devices

Signing into your account from other devices can often result in an intermittently pause on the current device. Therefore, sign out of all devices. You can sign out of all devices through the Spotify website.

  1. Navigate to in the new web browser.
  2. Sign in to your account if you’re prompted to do that.
  3. Select the “Profile” icon located on the top-right of the home page.
  4. Select “Account” from the menu.
  5. Click on “Account Overview”.
  6. Click on the “Sign Out Everywhere” option after scrolling down.

Now you’ll be signed out of all your devices, including the web browser.

3. Do a Clean window/Mac Re-install of Spotify

Quite often, deleting cache data, deleting the app, and then re-installing it typically leads to fixing any issue caused by file corruption. It also verifies that you have the latest version of the app re-installed.

Steps to Clean Windows Re-install

Follow the below steps to delete Spotify’s cache and app through Windows:

  1. Navigate to the drive “C”.
  2. Click on “Users” and then the “Username” folder.
  3. Choose “AppData” and then “Local”.
  4. Now search for “Spotify” and click on it.
  5. Delete the “Storage” folder after locating it.
  6. Now uninstall Spotify on Windows. You should choose the “Start Menu”, and then click on the icon “Settings”.
  7. Click on “Apps”, and then select “Spotify”.
  8. Choose the “Uninstall” option.
  9. Now reinstall Spotify. Find “Spotify” after navigating to the “Microsoft Store” and re-install it.

Steps to Clean macOS Re-install

Follow the below steps to delete Spotify’s cache and apps through macOS:

  1. Clean Spotify cache. Launch “Finder”.
  2. Now from the menu located at the top, choose “Go” then long-press the “Alt” key and choose “Library”.
  3. Click on “Caches” and then choose and delete the folder “com.spotify.client”.
  4. Choose “Application Support” and then delete the folder “Spotify.”
  5. Now delete Spotify. Launch “Finder” again.
  6. Choose “Applications” from the sidebar menu located on the left.
  7. Locate the “Spotify” app and drag it to the icon “Trash”.
  8. To delete the app, empty the trash.
  9. Now reinstall Spotify. Navigate to the “App Store” and search for the “Spotify” app to download and reinstall it.

4. Steps to check for a Corrupt SD Card, HDD, or SSD

Quite often, your storage drive may become corrupt but still works, whether it’s a hard disk drive (HDD) or solid-state drive (SSD). Additionally, an SD card used to store your music can also begin to fail. This situation often results in reading or writing errors or a sluggish PC, but it can also cause Spotify pausing problems.

Follow the below steps for an SD card that holds your music:

  1. Remove the SD Card from your PC/laptop and then clean the input slot and the SD card contacts.
  2. Then reinsert the SD card and play Spotify again.

If you’re facing issues in HDD or SSD, try running a scan tool to check for any sort of reading and write errors.

5. Reduce Storage Space

Spotify does not function properly to store temporary files if it resides on a drive with low space. It causes Spotify to pause during playback. Clean your browser data, unused programs, temporary files, and app cache to build storage space.

6. Clear Spotify from the Hosts File

Remove “Spotify” data from your “hosts’’ file to check if it solves the pausing issue.

  1. Go to “Notepad”, right-click and choose “Open as Administrator.”
  2. Now click on “File” > “Open”.
  3. Using File Explorer, navigate to “C:\Windows\Syestem32\drivers\etc”.
  4. Click the “Text documents (*.txt”) dropdown that appeared towards the bottom-right section of the “Open” window. Choose “All Files (*.*) from the list. This step shows all files to select from rather than just showing text files.
  5. Click on the “hosts” file in the “Open” window.
  6. When it’s opened, you’ll see lines of text numbers with a hash “#” sign at the beginning of each line.
  7. Now press “Ctrl + F” to search for any entries that include “Spotify” in the address.
  8. Delete the entries. Save the changes and then restart Spotify.

7. Check AirPods or Bluetooth Headphones

  1. Check if there are any issues caused by your headphones by pairing them up with another device.
  2. Make sure that other wireless devices are not connected to Spotify simultaneously. Disconnect them if this is the case.
  3. Also, ensure that you have a full battery.
  4. Examine the supported Bluetooth versions for your device. Your headphones may not be suited to your device.

8. Check Internet Connection

Check your internet connection is stable. You might be facing trouble streaming music from Spotify if the connection is unreliable. Run a quick speed test on your Android or iPhone to verify the power of your internet connection.

Wrap Up

Millions of people worldwide enjoy music and podcast streaming services on Spotify. The above-mentioned 8 easy steps to fix Spotify keeps pausing will surely help you out of constant pausing on this service. Comment below if you’ve any confusion or share your experience listening to music without interruption on this app.

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