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How to Find Drafts on Instagram? – An Easy Guide

You have surely drafted some posts on Instagram if you hail from the gigantic community of over 1 billion daily active users of this most popular social media platform. Instagram drafts are an exceptional feature for both the creation and the planning of your posts ahead of time. It also enables you to keep your marketing strategy in tune.

Some of you might have been confused over the process of saving and accessing the Instagram drafts. In this article, we will comprehend about how to find drafts on Instagram. This function is quite easy once you are aware of the steps covered.

Steps to Create and Save Instagram Drafts on an Android Device

Complete the following steps if you want to save drafts on Instagram using your Android phone.

Step 1: Log into your ‘’Instagram’’ account on your Android phone.

Step 2:

Press the ‘’+’’ Plus icon on the top right section of the screen.

Step 3:

Choose a ‘’photo’’ from your Library section, select ‘’multiple images’’, or capture a ‘’camera photo’’. The ‘’Preview’’ window is placed at the top and the grey image is the latest chosen file. Press the ‘’blue right arrow’’ when you have completed the process.

Step 4:

Select a ‘’Filter’’ in the new editing window or stay as normal. If you want to save a draft, you must have some kind of editing on the post from this juncture or the next one. Tap the ‘’blue right arrow’’ once you have done your selection.

Step 5:

Make some adaptations while editing the post-screen. Now tap the ‘’blue right arrow’’ to move on. Keep in your mind that some kind of editing is required to get the ‘’Draft’’ option.

Step 6:

The instruction ‘’Save as draft’’ will pop up. Now select ‘’Save Draft’’.

Step 7:

Now, you’ll get the ‘’Drafts’’ option in the ‘’New Post’’ screen, which is now saved.

Steps to Create and Save Instagram Drafts on iPhone

Follow the below-mentioned instructions if you want to save drafts on Instagram using your iPhone.

  1. Log into ‘’Instagram’’ account on your iPhone.
  2.  Click the ‘’+’’ Plus icon that is located on the lower section of the screen.
  3. Capture a ‘’new photo’’ or upload an already made one using your ‘’Library’’ section.
  4. Tap on the ‘’Next’’ icon.
  5. Select filters such as brightness, contrast, saturation, and others.
  6. Now go to the ‘’Next’’ icon and tap on it.
  7. Press the ‘’<’’ back arrowhead on the top left side of the screen to come back to the filters.
  8. Tap on the icon ‘’<’ ’back arrowhead once more. You’ll see a message indicating if you want to secure the draft. Press the icon ‘’Save Draft’’.

How to save Instagram Drafts on Computer

You can’t save drafts if you log into Instagram from your Computer. So, this function is not applicable on windows, Mac, Linux, and Chromebook. You should use your smartphones instead if you want to keep a post as a draft on Instagram.

Steps to Access the Drafted Posts on Instagram

Once you follow the aforementioned steps making the post saved as a draft, it is set to be accessed. To obtain the drafts on Instagram, you must adhere to the following simple process.

  1. Press the ‘’+’’ Plus icon at the lower part of the screen.
  2. Then move to either the gallery or the library section.
  3. The posts which you had saved previously will emerge under the Drafts header. You have the choice either to share the posts or even throw them into the trash which you do not need to share. (Image)

How to Share a Post Saved as a Draft

Follow the below-mentioned instructions to share a post that you have saved as a draft.

  1. Click the ‘’+’’ Plus icon which emerges at the lower section of the screen. It will open as Library on iOS-Powered devices, while it will be found as Gallery on Android devices.
  2. Move on to the Drafts section and click on the post that you need to share.
  3. Now move to the ‘’Next’’ icon and press it. Once more, the choice to add a caption or a location is accessible.
  4. After all the afore-said steps are completed, press the share button and it will lead to getting your post shared.

Where are my Instagram Drafts Saved?

Instagram provides a feature in which the followers can save the photos in their collection which results in referring to them at a later time. When you navigate Instagram, you’ll see the save icon on the right side of every photo or video that is shared on Instagram. But there is a policy of Instagram that they do not allow personal accounts to see who has saved your photo. But the business accounts have the facility to see the insights that enable them to know who has saved the specific post.

How To Change Your personal Account into a Business One?

You can simply change your personal account into the business one by moving to the ‘’Settings’’, and clicking on ‘’add business account’’. After that, you will be capable of viewing insights such as the number of impressions your specific post has got, and the people who have witnessed your profile and saved the post.

How to delete drafts on Instagram

If you don’t want to pursue a draft in the future, you can delete it from Instagram. Follow the instructions given below to do that:

Step 1: Open your ‘’Instagram’’ account.

Step 2: Now tap the ‘’+’’ plus icon.

Step 3: Press the icon ‘’Manage’’ located on the right side of the ‘’Drafts’’ icon.

Step 4: Choose ‘’Edit’’.

Step 5:

Ultimately, press on ‘’Discard’’ and verify that you want to throw it into recycle bin.

The Limitations of Instagram Drafts

While it’s granted that Drafts have a lot of advantages, there are some limitations of it as well. The first disadvantage is that you have to write the captions or include a location of the Drafts again. This takes a lot of time for the major brands who want to share posts in bulk form.

The second disadvantage is that you need to post the Drafts manually. For that reason, the brands make use of an Instagram management tool to optimize their market steadiness.

Tool to Optimize your Constancy in Instagram Marketing

AiSchedul is recommended as one of the most beneficial Instagram management tools in the market. It observes a more powerful feature than Instagram drafts. You can manage your content and post it mechanically on your Instagram profile.


Now, you know about how to find drafts on Instagram. Instagram drafts are a helpful and simple feature to edit and save a post in our daily hectic life. It won’t take a massive time to share it later on. Thus, it is a time-saving function, particularly for brands and influencers.

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