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How To Show Battery Percentage On iPhone 12: A Genius Guide

So, do you already have an iPhone 12, or are you planning to get it? First, you must be willing to know the exact battery percentage. The little battery icon appears in the top right of the status bar to check the battery power by default. But that is not a definite percentage indicator. Therefore, if you want the exact battery percentage shown on the home screen, this article will help you about how to show battery percentage on iPhone 12.

Gone are the days when you could toggle in the app’s settings, and the battery percentage would be displayed to you in the status bar. But things are a bit complex with the advent of the Apple iPhone 12. So here’s an easy and swift way to see the battery percentage on iPhone 12.

How to show Battery Percentage on iPhone 12

  1. You’ll view the control center if you hit hard with a sweeping blow at the top right corner of your iPhone.
  2. It would enable you to see the battery percentage on iPhone visible next to the battery indicator.
  3. If you want a permanent solution to view battery percentages, consider the following options in the form of widgets.

Avail Other Options to Unveil Battery Percentage on iPhone

1. Make Use of Widgets to View Battery Percentage

How To Show Battery Percentage On iPhone 12

Following the footsteps of iOS 14, Apple also started the support for widgets that can be linked to your home screen. The options in widgets for batteries are a few, but you would not be able to view the battery percentage on iPhone except to opt for the right one.

To attach it, you should move to your home screen and long-press there, then hit the plus (+) icon that shows off in the top left corner. Thus, the widget menu will be visible.

Now tap on the ‘Batteries’ widget. Three different options are at your disposal. The first widget is a minor one that observes four app spaces (2 x 2). The medium one covers eight app spaces (4×2). At the same time, a more comprehensive large one contains 16 app spaces (4×4). To attach one, you can drag or drop or click “Add Widget” to drop one in the proper place.

The disadvantage is that all the widgets make visible the battery life to you, but if you have any other devices linked. Thus, Apple Watch or AirPods, only the medium and the immense widget will manifest it.

2. Contact Siri Utilizing Voicing Command


Suppose you are a frequent user of Siri. In that case, you’ll be aware that you can ask Siri the below-mentioned queries to view the battery position. There are several options available. So, you can follow your thinking faculty and ask Siri a straightforward question regarding your battery percentage on your iPhone. A few other queries you can ask Siri are mentioned below:

  • What is the percentage of my battery?
  • Battery remaining?
  • Battery charged?
  • How much battery do I have to get at this particular time?

3. Charging of the Device

battery percentage of iphone 12

The active users may realize already that you’ll be able to view the Percentage of the battery on the iPhone as soon as the device starts charging when you plug in it. Therefore, you’ll be enabled to view the Percentage of your battery no matter how you charge your iPhone, be it by making use of the lightning port, MagSafe charger, or wireless charging.

The charging animation is not similar to the iPhone 12 lineup if you use MagSafe for charging. This function is unavailable in all the other iPhones; you’ll view the typical battery symbol percentage below it.

The same notification on the lock screen will be seen once you unattached your iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Mini from a source of energy or wireless charging. Moreover, the date icon under the clock on the lock screen will be restored with the battery percentage on iPhone.

4. Install Third-Party Apps to view Battery Percentage on iPhone 12

Iphone menu

In case of unavailability of the options above, you can move to the third-party apps that can exhibit recent battery percentage on iPhone in the app or widget. The handy apps are mentioned below to help you select one that suits you best.

  • Battery HD+ and its Benefits

This app shows your battery functioning in-depth. It displays voltage, temperature, and battery usage charts as well. It also reveals your usage patterns and battery percentage on iPhone shown in the widget. In addition to this, the device can also be effortlessly customized with color themes according to your interest. This app can be found on Apple App Store for free.

  • Battery Life Doctor Pro and its Advantages

This app provides you with details about your battery usage. Also, it gives you suggestions on upgrading your battery life ultimately. There is a helpful guide for those who use any older iPhones. It maintains devices starting from iOS 11, making it an excellent choice for them. This app can be installed from the Apple App Store.

  • Usage: System Activity Widgets and their Value

It can be a fantastic app for you if you want other tools for your device. The app has got 21 widgets for iOS 14 gadgets. This app also exhibits thorough guidelines on your device hardware. It also gives you options to customize the app with bright themes. Thus, the app is much similar to battery HD in this case.

  • Important Consideration

For the users who want their iPhone 12 to show the battery percentage more clearly, the battery widget is best for them. In the current iOS 14, here are three unique templates to choose from to suit your home button or widget screen. The first design is a simple square with no percentages, while the other two exhibit an actual percentage rate.

Wrap Up

In the earlier days of the iPhone, it may not be as convenient to show battery percentage on iPhone 12. But in recent times, it’s pretty advanced. Due to the Battery widget and the capacity to add widgets to the home screen with iOS 14, the over-particular users have found more substitutes. So do let us know in the comment section what you think about it!

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