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How to Unmute Someone on Instagram?

Instagram is a fantastic and the most popular social media platform which facilitates you to increase your user experience. One such convenient option is to customize your story feed. It allows sharing pictures, stories, and videos with people you select to follow your account. But it might appear annoyed for you when you follow someone who tends to post quite often. But you don’t have to block or unfollow them. Luckily, Instagram provides you with the mute option. So here in this article, we’ll see how to unmute someone on Instagram.

Before we get to know the method of unmuting on Instagram, I’ll quickly make you understand what is ‘muting’. Muting is a valuable feature on Instagram that enables you to mute undesired people without unfollowing them. The fortunate part of this feature of Instagram is that it hides it from the other person who has been muted.

But what if you want to greet them back to your feed? The solution is quite simple as there is another option of unmuting them on Instagram. When you mute someone on Instagram, it has two significant features. The first meaning is that you won’t find their posts or stories in your feed. And the second one is that you will not get any notification regarding their messages.

Many people think that it is quite difficult and complex to unmute someone on Instagram. But if you follow the steps given below to apply the method of unmuting, I can assure you that you will find it easy. Therefore, in this article, we’ll find out how to unmute someone on Instagram.

Steps to Unmute Through Account Setting

The first step of unmuting someone on Instagram is to track down the Muted Accounts, which are located under Connection in the Privacy settings. Follow the below-mentioned steps to unmute through your account settings:

  1. Open your profile and press the icon of Settings which is found on the top right corner of your screen.
  2. Touch ‘’Settings’’, and then press on ‘’Privacy icon in the sub-menu.
  3. Now choose the category of ‘’Connections’’ and then hit on ‘’Muted Accounts’’.
  4. Here the accounts you have muted will show up.
  5. Press on the account you need to unmute to go to their profile.
  6. Now hit the ‘’Following’’ button.
  7. Choose ‘’Mute’’ from the menu.
  8. Click on the toggle button to make their stories back off.

How to unmute someone posts on Instagram

Adhere to these steps to unmute someone’s posts on Instagram:

  1. Open the person’s profile that you wish to unmute in the Instagram App.
  2. Press the ‘’Following’’ button.
  3. Select ‘’Mute’’ from the menu. Now, here you will find two toggles. One is for the Posts, and the other is for Stories. Switch off the toggle for Posts. It will unmute their posts.

Steps to Unmute Stories on Instagram

When you mute someone’s stories, it naturally lessens your engagement with them. To raise the levels of reciprocal engagement, you have to unmute their stories.

There can be multiple reasons for muting someone’s Instagram stories. Most probably, you want to keep your story feed restricted to your family and friends. Perhaps you think that whom you want to mute is not providing any value to you on this platform. Above all, someone appears as a nuisance whom you want to avoid.

The process of unmuting stories is quite similar to unmuting posts on Instagram.

  1. Open the person’s profile that you desire to unmute.
  2. Press the ‘’Following’’ button.
  3. Now opt for ‘’Mute’’ in the menu.
  4. Switch off the toggle for Stories. It will lead to unmute the stories of someone you don’t want.

Important Note: Keep in mind that unmuting posts and stories work separately. It means that when you unmute stories, it won’t lead to unmute posts. It is the other way around in the case of posts as well.

Steps to Unmute Comments on Instagram

You can decrease comments from unwanted profiles with the help of the Instagram Restrict feature. In case you want to read the comments from someone you have restricted, follow these simple steps:

  1. Go to Instagram Settings.
  2. Click the icon of ‘Privacy’ and then tap on ‘Restricted accounts’.
  3. Hit on the button ‘Unrestrict’. It will unmute the comments of someone you muted.

Steps to Unmute Messages on Instagram

You will find an icon of a speakerphone with a slash following their name in the chats list when you want to mute messages from someone on Instagram. If you wish to unmute messages on Instagram mobile apps, go to the chat thread and press on their name located at the top. Now switch off the toggle following Mute messages or Mute call notifications resting on what you wish to unmute.

If you want to unmute someone on the web version of Instagram, go to the chat and hit on the icon of (i). Now uncheck the box located near Mute messages.

Steps to Unmute Someone on Instagram on Computer

Unfortunately, there is no function of unmuting someone on a PC. You can only use the Instagram mobile apps if you want to unmute someone on it.

How To Report an Instagram Story

You can report to the developers that someone’s story you want to mute is violating Instagram’s terms and conditions. Follow these steps to keep Instagram vigilant about any indecent content:

  1. Open the objectionable post or story you want to report.
  2. Click the three dots. For Android Users, you’ll see three vertical dots in the comment box. While the iOS users will find three horizontal dots on the right side of the comment box.
  3. Press the icon ‘Report’.
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Wrap Up

It is not the only option to unfollow or block someone on Instagram to avoid his irrelevant and unwanted posts or stories. You can simply mute them without even letting them know about it. And if you’ve changed your mind and want to welcome them again, the option of unmuting is super quick and convenient. Follow the above steps to know how to unmute someone on Instagram. Comment below and share your opinion about this beneficial feature of Instagram. Also, mention what makes you unmute someone on Instagram?

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