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Acer Nitro 5 Gaming Laptop [REVIEW 2022] – An Affordable, Powerful Gaming Laptop

The Acer has created a Nitro 5 AN515-55—53E5 laptop that is not ideal for work but it can operate graphically intensive games at 1080p effortlessly. As the recent shortage of computer components continues, users are turning to gaming laptops to get their RTX30-series fixed.

Acer Nitro 5 gaming laptop is probably the best, the most affordable, and the most beneficial gaming laptop on the market. Its display, keyboard, port layout, trackpad, thermals, and performance are superb. Even the body is attractive and long-lasting. It has got all the exceptional characteristics to lure a gaming lover.

If you want only a decent GPU to play the latest exciting games, the Acer Nitro 5 has the perfect combination of price and performance. In this article, we’ve explained all the remarkable features of the Acer Nitro 5 Gaming laptop to make your purchase easy with clarity.

Appearance of AN15-55-53E5

From the look of it, you really can guess that this belongs to Acer Nitro 5 family. With its red theme and clean black chassis, it has Nitro 5’s branding signature appearance. Its remarkable feature is the black Acer logo that does not have LED lighting. The praise-worthy part is that Acer has not wildly designed it with childlike gamer features.

When you open it, you will find its top 144Hz screen accompanied by its thin two-side bezels and red keyboard design. In addition, it also has a 720p HD webcam on the top bezel. So you don’t have to spend extra to purchase a stand-alone webcam to do online video interactions. This item is not found in 2k +gaming laptop.

Even though it is made from plastic, this laptop is very minutely designed. It is not too huge in size and capacity (5.07 Ibs or 2.29 Kg) and is extraordinarily solid as it appears.

Excellent Thermal Management

It is to be noted that this Acer has excellent thermal management. It has updated its cooling system with the latest models. They manufactured good heat sinks and two fans to evaporate heat whenever you are playing games. This outstanding system works very nicely as it allows this laptop to run cooler and quieter than the earlier ones.

The other stunning aspect of this laptop is its built-in thermal management app that you can use to control your CPU’s temperature and fans manually. You can play games on it for a massive amount of time without facing burning nuisances.

Acer Nitro 5 gaming laptop’s sound is quite hyped on the high-end and fairly resonating. They are not perfect for listening to music, but they’re good for gaming and spoken content. But you can customize it with the equalizer in the Dolby Audio software.

Upgraded CPU

Acer presents Intel’s Comet Lake-H series, the i5-10300H CPU inside Acer Nitro 5 model. The suffix “H” shows a “High” performance CPU for laptop processors.

This latest processor has 4-Cores with a base clock at 2.50 GHz and can perform 8-Threads simultaneously with its Hyper-Threading technology. This technology is not found in every CPU. Moreover, when needed this CPU can clock up to 4.50 GHz!

If compared to its previous generation, this quad-core CPU displays better, faster RAM (2933 vs 2666 MHz), and higher CPU speed (2.50 vs 2.40GHz).

Thus, this 10300H is the most frequently used processor for multi-tasking and gaming laptops in this price classification.

Adequate GPU

Now, let’s explain the efficiency of the Graphics inside this AN515-55-53E5, which is the latest RTX 3050. Well, it’s not the most vigorous GPU, but it is a new Ampere Graphics card.

This GPU is strong enough to play your games at Full-HD 1080p at ample FPS (framerates). Above all, this GPU can take benefit from latest NVIDIA technology. Making use of technologies like Ray-Tracing, DLSS, and AI in supported games.

Decent Battery Life

Battery life in this AN515-55-53E5 Acer Nitro gaming laptop 5 RTX 3050 model is adequate for a gaming laptop. This laptop cannot be compared to an ultrabook, though, because this was designed with consideration for performance and power. So this laptop is not suitable for you if you’re looking for one that has long battery life.

Smooth Features

This Acer N5 laptop features a 144Hz IPS display that appears vivid and splendid that attracts gamers. The 15.6-inch screen is just a perfect size if you want to carry this laptop everywhere because it is not as heavy compared to the bigger laptops. The Full-HD 1080p shows better viewing angles and the display is an IPS screen with pretty color reproduction.

Ample Backlit Keyboard and Trackpad

You will get a full-sized backlit keyboard with this Acer Nitro 5 gaming laptop AN515-55-53E5 RTX 3050 model. The key lighting will turn off automatically by default after 30 seconds, but you can check this scenario with the included Acer Nitro app. If the brightened keys divert, you can turn the lighting off. The backlit keyboard works well at night while playing games.

It’s a real gamers-optimized keyboard as there are several function keys in addition to the high-lighted WASD and arrow keys. Acer also includes a customized NitroSense key next to the backspace key to allow you to control your laptop parts quickly. If you press this button, you can have instant access to the fan’s speed, temperature, power management, and several others to manage your PC’s constituents.

The trackpad under the keyboard has a sufficient size and has a Window precision driver. It means that it can check your touch gestures. But you probably want to use a mouse to play games because ultimately this is a gaming laptop.

Abundant I/Os & Super-Fast Wireless Wi-Fi 6

This Acer Nitro 5 gaming laptop has a decent choice of I/O ports. There is an HDMI 2.0 with an HDCP port, a headphone jack, and various latest types and generations of USB. Moreover, Bluetooth and the killer wireless Wi-Fi- 6 generations are also the features of this laptop.

Role of CoolBoost in AN515-55-53E5

Acer CoolBoost is the technology particularly designed for the Nitro 5 laptop family. It helps increase its dual fan speed by 10% when the PC runs heavy tasks and a boost is required.

Compared to auto mode, this technology also boosts the cooling process of the GPU and CPU by 9%. Generally, this CoolBoost technology can raise thermal performance by 25%, which notably improves your gaming experience.

Highly Upgradable Device

Acer is a fine upgradable device as it is equipped with RAM and SSD expansion kit. But its default RAM and storage are more than sufficient to play your games.

If you want to upgrade this laptop, you will have access to upgrade the RAM and SSD storage combined with the Wi-Fi card as it is already the newest generation at this time.

To upgrade, you can add a SATA SSD to the open bay. For upgrading the RAM, you can attach an 8GB memory stick to the open RAM slot to achieve double memory. Furthermore, since Acer’s RAM can be upgraded up to 32GB, you can change the factory’s RAM stick and add more with 2x 16GB sticks to improve the performance of the laptop.

Wrap Up

The question as to whether this AN515-55-53E5 laptop will satisfy the needs of the gamers can be answered that it won’t appeal to them if they’re diehard gamers who got a $6k gaming rig at home. But this Acer Nitro 5 gaming laptop is especially for those who want a less costly RTX gaming laptop.

It has fine components such as the 144Hz IPS display, an adequate CPU with an excellent cooling system, the latest RTX 30-series GPU rather than the 20-series, a suitable backlit keyboard, and the wholesome Ethernet port and Wi-Fi 6. The inclusion of a good choice of ports, and an integrated webcam at this affordable price are a few qualities that make this laptop distinguished.

So in this article, we’ve covered the review of the Acer Nitro 5 gaming laptop to help you know its features and consider it to purchase. Comment below if you’ve any confusion or want to share your experience with it!

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