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Garmin Forerunner 45 Review

Garmin Forerunner 45 is just the perfect guide to your daily goals. This watch provides you with the simplest way to track your run. It has built-in GPS, optical heart rate monitoring, sleep tracking, stress tracking, music controls, and so on. It is easier to use, offers a smoother experience, and is much more efficient than the one that came before it. Garmin Forerunner 45 correctly measures distance, stress level, and heart rate whether you are cycling, running, or doing Yoga. It surely is an upgrade because of Its elegant design and the features speak for themselves. This watch is worth the price tag it holds.

Garmin Forerunner 45 is a budget-friendly watch, it will take you no time to learn how it works and how it could assist you in the long run. There are multiple configurations, and color settings and you can also turn the backlight on/off.

The first thing you need to do is: install the Garmin connect app. The app will sync with your watch and can be used to upload plans. The app will show you the overall report of your session in more detail. When the watch synchronizes with your phone, the activities will sync automatically through Bluetooth. The watch is limited to 4 hours of training plan overview but the app will show you the full day session report related to how much distance you covered in a day, or how much you ran. Garmin forerunner 45 gathers all information and based on that it will provide you recommendations for how to improve even further.

Create Workout Plans

You can create custom workout plans for yourself with this smartwatch, and track your daily progress. It will guide you through each session, making things much easier for you. It has 5 buttons and you will quickly learn how it all works once you get your hands on it.

1. Upper left button

You can either turn the light on or off with this button. And when you hold it for long, it will get you to the main menu.

2. Middle left button

You will be using this button to scroll through and open the settings.

3. Lower left button

You can open the activity menu by pressing this button and can also scroll. Especially when your watch is connected to your smartphone, it will be used to play music on your phone.

4. Upper right button

It is an enter button and it can be used to start or stop an activity.

You simply need to press the upper right button to start tracking your activity and once the activity menu appears, there will be different activity options to choose from. After choosing the activity, the watch will connect to the GPS. This watch picks the GPS signal pretty quickly. The lower right button will let you mark the laps when running in a circle. You can be able to see the heart rate and energy usage with the middle and lower left buttons.

The ability to create custom workout plans on your wrist is something not every smartwatch has to offer. If you are an experienced athlete and like to create complex fitness plans with a specific workout routine then this watch is a perfect choice for you. It will display you all the stats with accuracy so that no stones are left unturned on your way to achieving your fitness goal.


Garmin Forerunner 45 GPS Smartwatch
Image Credits: Amazon

It has a 7 days battery life, 13 hours for built-in GPS and the best part is that it’s waterproof, so you can swim without worry. It surely is waterproof and it also has a swimming mode that is accurate in tracking your progress. It is also a great task manager. It comes with 5 different activity modes that include walking, running, swimming, multisport, and cycling. All the information displayed on your smartwatch is then synced with the Garmin Forerunner 45 connect app and you can see the full overview.

Some other features include VO2 max, accelerometer, optical heart rate monitoring, music control, safety feature like incident detection, notifications for incoming texts and calls, and live tracking. With incident detection, this smartwatch will send your location to nearby emergency care.

You can pretty much customize the settings as you like, switch to the heart rate data, stress level, etc. And you can even set the alerts for maximum heart rate, and distance.

It has a Garmin Forerunner 45 coach option, and with that, you can upload sessions via the Garmin Forerunner 45 app. You have several options to choose from for race, distance, and laps based on time or heart rate. You will also get tips and assistance when using the app.

If you compare it with many expensive smartwatches then this one’s only missing the advanced features. This watch has all the required features for you so you don’t have to worry, especially because it is a good value for money.


It is made of very high-quality material. It is a lightweight smartwatch designed for fitness enthusiasts. Due to its size and weight, you would not even feel it on your wrist. The silicone strap may not impress you but it surely is worth it. This smartwatch is extremely comfortable and durable that you would not want to take off your wrist. Unlike other smartwatches, you would not feel any kind of irritation. The overall design holds great value because it does not get scratched that easily.

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Final Verdict

Garmin forerunner 45 is very much worth considering because of its sleek design, durability, and several other amazing features like on-point accuracy, heart rate monitoring, activity, sleep tracking, and so on. It is comfortable, lightweight with a 7 days battery life, and has a built-in GPS tracker that picks signals pretty fast. As an athlete myself, I found this product to be very useful in a way that it fulfilled my needs and I am satisfied with the experience I had with this one.

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