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UV Pocket Sterilizer Honest Reviews

The UV Care Pocket Sterilizer is a convenient and portable UV cleaning wand that helps you sanitize personal items and gadgets wherever you go. Additionally, it uses UV technology to sterilize whatever gadgets you wave it over for 30 seconds.

The UV-C light applied in this wand can produce up to 99.9 percent sterilization for 60 bacteria and fungus. While some purification takes up to 3 minutes of exposure, another utilization requires just 2 seconds.

This CleanPod UVC sanitizer offers a substitute way to purify your smartphone screen and other gadgets in a low-cost, super-slim design for traveling. Though the protection switch turns off the UV lamp if the sanitizer is positioned upward, this gadget still comes with a UV exposure threat that’s greater than enclosed devices. If you’re sure that you can safely apply it, this inexpensive sterilizer leads to the sense of security you’re searching for when you travel.

Compressed and Foldable Design

UV light sanitizers come in a wide range of sizes and form factors, but if you’re looking for a transportable option, it’s tough to get the better of the ultra-compact body of the UV Care Pocket Sterilizer. The slim design appears in four shades, White, Blue, Crimson, and Mint Sorbet. It is just under 5 inches tall. It’s also comparably slim at 1.38 inches wide and 0.98 inches deep. It makes it suitable to fit in small purses and jacket pockets.

When you unfold it, it still weighs a reasonable 9.5 inches tall, and the UV lamp positions at the top half. On the upper-right side of the gadget, the power button locates and it responds quickly to presses. The other distinguishable design characteristic is the micro USB port on the bottom of the sterilizer.

Convenient Setup Procedure

The UV Care Pocket Sterilizer’s setup procedure shows how easy to use the device is. Run in four AAA batteries, and you’re set to go. If you give preference to utilizing the USB cord or the batteries die, the cord gauges are just under 5 feet long, which is easy for wired use.

High-Quality Performance

It is simple to use the UV Care Pocket Sterilizer. Switch on the power button, wait for the LED indicator to light up, and then position it 0.25 inches over the object. UV Care announces that it takes only 10 seconds to perform, but it is up to the user to maintain safe functioning and worthwhile techniques.

The builder includes a table of the bacteria, fungus, and viruses this UV sterilizer powerfully does away with based on the number of seconds the wand is executed but doesn’t tell more apart from the general distance and time direction.

As for outcomes, all UV Care items function on the 253.7 nm wavelength, which prepares them as a germicidal lamp helpful at lessening and getting rid of bacteria. But, unlike some companies, UV Care doesn’t give any particular information about their lab testing.

Like other items in this group, UV Care is also deficient in certification from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) or protection certification. Underwriter Laboratories (UL) reports that UV wand-type items can’t be certified for cautious purchaser use. The FDA also mentions the likely higher danger linked with 254 nm UV-C wavelength than lesser far UV-C light frequencies of 222 nm.

UV Care caters to the risks with a secure switch that turns the lamp off if it’s positioned upward, which is a quality you’ll see in most portable sanitizers. This setting minimizes the possibility that a child or adult user who misuses this gadget would encounter dangerous UV light vulnerability. It also contains clear instructions in the user manual to avoid using the lamp on sensitive skin or near the eyes.

Crucial Characteristics of UV Care

Pick Between USB or Battery Power

This CleanPod UVC sanitizer specifies that the lamp has a lifetime capability of running for 8,000 hours. The USB power cord option digresses from the very portable quality of this device, it delivers similar alertness and receptivity as battery power.

Low-End Price

Trading for nearly $43, the UV Care Pocket Sterilizer is on the inexpensive end for portable phone sanitizers that have put their item through lab testing. Expensive wand sterilizers that are double and up to seven times the price of the UV Care sterilizer come with added advantages such as the rechargeable battery, secure UV-C LEDs, and clinical testing.

UV Care Pocket Sterilizer VS Monos CleanPod UVC

The Monos CleanPod UVC Sterilizer, selling for $77 to $90, also receive praise for the portability feature. Although it doesn’t fold, it’s a bit shorter than the UV Care when it’s in open condition. It also shows off a decidedly more elegant look, with a shiny white exterior and a flat UV-C LED panel rather than a UV-C mercury bulb in the UV Care Pocket Sterilizer.

The Monos sterilizer also ensures a rechargeable battery that restores in about 2.5 hours through the provided USB-C charging cable. Both are transportable, but if you would rather go without batteries, the Monos offers that liberty.

As regards protection, powering, and utilizing the gadget, both work the same with power buttons. Instead of a safety switch in an upward position, Monos provides a switch that safeguards the device from turning on unintentionally.

In contrast to UV Care, Monos offers users their lab testing aftermaths to support their claims. However, true effectiveness and precaution are unknown with either product and depend on effective application by the user.

Wrap Up

The UV Care Pocket Sterilizer is a mobile solution for active sanitizing. The slim and sleek build, protection switch, battery operation, and capability to get rid of bacteria are the beneficial aspects of this device. But, the benefit lacks support from minute results from the manufacturer, and there are dangers linked with UV-C light. Make this pocket-friendly device a part of your traveling kit if you think that its advantages are dominant over its disadvantages. Comment below if you have any confusion or like to share your experiences regarding this remarkable sanitizing product.

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